I recently obtained an HP Touchpad 32 GB, and I'm wanting to develop applications for it. I'm currently downloading the webOS SDK/PDK installer, and have finished downloading Virtual Box. I have the latest version of Java installed as well. What I'm wanting to know, is that I've read that we can develop apps in C, C++, and Java and was wondering if anybody has some good pointers or any information on webOS development that can help me.


The thing is better than one of the Athlon desktops I'm still running in the living room for the family and a hell of a lot better than the old Pentium Pro laptop I was developing on a couple years ago(eight year old PDAs are better than that). So I guess you could note that hardware constrains probably aren't an issue.

What sort of apps are you developing?

I usually just end up developing apps that teach me more of the environment. I'll probably end up making a few games too. So I got a question, I've downloaded the SDK/PDK as well as Virtual Box on my laptop but still can't figure anything out on how to develop apps for the stubborn bird flinging tablet I own. Can you send some topics on the development process like the whole getting started area of it. I followed all the instructions on the website that I got Virtual Box and the SDK from. But still can't figure out the emulator, or how to even start programming. I know enough c++ to get me by until I buck up and learn a little more but can't figure out how to introduce myself into the application development process of the HP Touchpad 32GB on webOS.