i am adding a few lines to the multiline textBox in a Windows forms Clr application. However each and every time the vertical scrollbar goes to the bottom.
How/Can it be stopped ??


Are there any line breaks in your array?
Should there be?

I tried to replicate the problem with this (code below) and the scroll bar stayed at the top:

for each(String^ str in gcnew array<String^>{"this", "is", "neat","this", "is", "neat","this", "is", "neat","this", "is", "neat"})

Do you have some other property set on the TextBox?
If you force a line-break at the very end, does it make a difference?

Hi ,
I am back. In the following replicas things are different.

// textBox9
 this->textBox9->BackColor = System::Drawing::Color::FloralWhite;
 this->textBox9->Font = (gcnew System::Drawing::Font(L"Arial Narrow", 12,    System::Drawing::FontStyle::Italic));
 this->textBox9->Location = System::Drawing::Point(1079, 31);
 this->textBox9->Margin = System::Windows::Forms::Padding(2);
 this->textBox9->Multiline = true;
 this->textBox9->Name = L"textBox9";
 this->textBox9->ReadOnly = true;
 this->textBox9->ScrollBars = System::Windows::Forms::ScrollBars::Vertical;
 this->textBox9->Size = System::Drawing::Size(89, 340);
 this->textBox9->TabIndex = 53;
for(int i=1;i<40;i++)
    textBox9->AppendText(Convert::ToString(i)+Environment::NewLine);          // 1
    //textBox9->AppendText(Convert::ToString(arr[i,j]=i)+Environment::NewLine); // 2

Doesn't work?