Hey guys

I am learning CPP, I am looking for some topics material but I couldn't find any helpful material any where.
It is also not available in my C++ Book, These topics are from older edition of C++.

The Locator Design Pattern,
	        Tracking Elements as they Move
	        Defining the Locator Pattern
	        Using Locators with Data Structures
	        Locator Member Functions
	          Locator-Based Priority Queue Functions (*)
	        Extending the Priority Queue ADT
	          Implementing Locator-Based Priority Queues (*)

So give me some helpful material related to my topics and any link helpful for me

Looks like you copied the table of contents from, e.g., here. The concept of a "locator" is given only maybe 8 pages of attention in that edition, according to the page-numbers given, ~4 of discussion and ~4 of implementation. Of course the content isn't available online, the publisher expects you to purchase the book.

I got this far from a Google search for the words: priority queue abstract data structure, to which I added locator and then clicked a link "no I didn't mean location, I wanted only locator. The results are pretty much universally either references to printed texts, or course syllabus/descriptions.

But from here, you should be able to get started enough to read up on priority queues on wikipedia (the link is in there), and get a sense of a "locator" to the extent that you can figure out how to combine the concepts. Or bite the bullet and go buy a good up-to-date text. Yes, they're expensive, but a lot cheaper than paying for a college course if you can learn from the book on your own.

Best of luck!

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