Guys anyone know how to stop or close a running program remotely through a program? I am already aware on how to run or open one using the System.Diagnostics.Process.Start method. I would be needing it in my next project


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U want to stop the application which u ran using the process.start?

Yes. I am just wondering if it's possible

I would imagine Process.Kill or Process.Close and if that fails you can always shell out to kill.exe or (if you download the free SysInternals suite) pskill.exe.

There is no .Kill or .Close methods under Process,

Are you associating the process by creating an instance to it? If yes you should be able to kill it.

Now I have the .kill method. I created an instance by;
Dim MyProcess as Process = New Process.

Then kill the process which u want.. What is the problem now?

actually, it works now. However, I am still having a problem when I am changing the value of the MyProcess.StartInfo.Filename. The error says: no process is associated with this object

What could be the problem

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