Hi every one this is vivek.I want a projent in oops which should be different it should be totally object oriented and i am getting confused what to do for my project.Please its urgent.Please give me some idea

note:- only c++ should be used for coding

Keeping track of vehicles parked in a garage.

The garage is an object. It can contain a variable number of vehicles.

Each vehicle is an object.

I think a traffic light program would be a good challenge -- especially if it has turning arrows.

sir can u give me some idea about traffic light program

i mean totally not object orineted...

There are many forms of traffic lights.
There are single (warning lights), double (warning lights), triple (regular traffic) and more.

Single lights can also be turning arrows (and in my town, turning arrows also flash).

If a light has three elements, you can consider it to be a regular traffic light with Green, Amber and Red. (there are other formations).

A light by itself has a few properties based on the engine feeding it.
- Purely by time
- Based on the presence of a vehicle
- A combination of the two.
- Emergency mode (presence of an emergency strobe)

What I'm saying is there is a lot that can go into your specific design.
You can even have an "intersection" which can be designed as a a collection of lights that (hopefully) work in conjuction with each other.

Done the right way, I think a good traffic light simulation could really show-off your programming ability.

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