Hi All,

I am currently working in a project that needs Telerik Controls in it. But this concept is entirely new to me.

Please guide me with its use and implementation in a Project. I need to know even the A B C's of the concept .

Thank you in Advance.

Regards ,

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What is difficulty in using the controls? They would have given the help files or vedio with controls. check out those.. And they have forum also check out the forum and discussion board.

hello !
you should visit telerik official web site http://www.telerik.com/ this will help you alot


M.Waqas Aslam

Mr Waqas Aslam
I also suggested the same. let him/she try it out.

Hello ,

Thank u for ur replies.

Yes the website suggestd by both of u helped me a lot. :)

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