Hey guys Hello,

I am new a programmer. I am learning C, C++ and C#. But in future I am planning to make some serious applications using C#. Those applications would be based on LAN environment. So which books should I start to read for network programming using C and C+ for windows as well as linux platform?? Please help. Thanks in advance friends!!!

Friend We cant able to find out which one is best all books have some special thing cover so try google books search engine type your title for example "C# programming" it will give result more than ten books try to read at least 2 books

Any I suggest For C#-refer Microsoft Press (APress) Released books IT give step by step process with screen shots it will really help you

Thanks for your suggestion guys, but i am waiting for some more suggestions on this topic. Thanks a lot again!!!

Thanks guys. I've got lot of books there. Thank you all again

I found "C++ How to Program" by Deitel & Deitel useful and for C# try C# for dummies itd pretty easy to follow.