for ( i=0;i<a;i++ )
		if(b == (char)8) { total--;
		} else if(b!=char(13)){  // for key enter
			cuv[i]=b;  } else break;

If pressed once or twice "backspace" works, but if pressed for more than two times, not working, first i checked for once "backspace" i make cuv[i-1]=cuv ; cuv=0;.. so i see for twice "backspace"... cuv[i-2]=cuv[i-1]; cuv[i-1]=0;... but i dont know how can i make this for more backspace.

ps: i dont want use strlen,or strchr;

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I don't know what it is you're trying to do, but if i is less than 2 and "backspace" is pressed, you will try and access a negative index in the cuv array. This will definitely cause you a problem at some point.

for example if i write abcdefg and i press once"backspace", my array is abcdef;
if i press twice backspace my array is abcde .... but if i press more >=3 .. not work..
if you want , i can put all code.
Thank you !!!

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