I'm planning on developing a call center/call tracking software for an IT helpdesk for my Final year project. The system should:

1. Auto-generate ticket numbers
2. have a database of users (agent just puts in ID number and the rest of the fields populate)
3. Be able to search for tickets/tickets created by particular agent/ticket closed on particular dates
4. Have a knowledge base attached
5. Be able to reassign tickets to internal departments
6. Other basic call center functionalities

I like java. So is this application suitable for java? And also it would be helpful to point me in the right direction and provide me with some resources to read about developing call center systems(i tried googling but didnt get much). Thanks!

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well, sure you could use Java for that.
do you have any experience in Java developing? I don't really see that much difficulties with writing something similar, so what are you having trouble with?

My classes and assignments are the only experience I've had with java :(

Im having trouble finding any guidance or references for developing a call center application. All I've found so far are websites that sell call center software, nothing that speaks of the development and coding stuff.

Would be really good to learn about it more especially because its vital for me to get my Data Flow Diagrams perfect and stuff.

well ...
make some analysis of what you need to do, write it in plain english.
the nouns you end up with are your Objects, the verbs you get are the actions (methods) you'll have to make.

then, I guess, write the code.
since I don't know the specifics of what you need to do, I don't really how to go at it,if you have trouble with the Java coding, the first (sticky) thread here can help you with links and tutorials to improve your coding skills, if you have trouble with the code you wrote, you can always start a new thread asking for help with it.

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You COULD write this in Java, however...
This is really an application which should be written in/for/with a database.

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