please solve my problem i want to know where we show text when we use copy cut command

Example: we use a command Ctrl+C or Ctrl+X any text in textbox or any file or folder
i want to view his clipboard where it link save
OR view in Registry or view in any file or view in vb6 textbox
i install BitTurrent and when i used internet and i use copy Ctrl+c command then BitTurrentbar show the copied text whare is the back botton

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Depending on what you've copied you can use the statement "Clipboard.GetText" or "Clipboard.GetData". You can interrogate the format of the clipboard contents by using the "Clipboard.GetFormat" method. This will tell you whether you have (for example) text, a graphic or some other kind of information in the clipboard.

For specific syntax and additional information, look in the help file at the Clipboard object.

Thanks Brother
Its work

My pleasure. Be sure to mark this thread 'solved'.

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