Can i ask something what type of eclipse should i use in developing android.there are many of them,can you help me on this please.Thank you in advance.

Eclipse IDE for Java Developers,

Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers,

Eclipse Classic 3.7.1,

Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers (includes Incubating components),

Eclipse IDE for JavaScript Web Developers,

and etc...

use J2ME. It's for Mobile applications.


Thank you for the reply but how to use that j2me i am not familiar with that

Oh sorry for the wrong information, but if i'm not mistaken, in NetBeans, it has plugins for android. THanks jBennet for the correct information. My bad.

Wrong. Android is not Java ME. It uses Dalvik, a fork of the Java SE VM.

For android download the "For Java Developers". Then download and install the Android SDK.

Instructions here:

Hi jbennet,

Thank you so much for helping me and this link...more power to you always.

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