Hello, I have some networking questions for anyone. What library(s) is best for the following task. Obviously in python.

I have 2 servers and an undetermined amount of clients(<100).
1 of the servers is a game server.
1 Server will be used as a "middle man" server that sends commands/info from the game server and to the clients.

What I need to do is to send info to all clients connected and to send commands to the game server from the middle man server.

For example if someone on the game server said "hello" in chat I want to send that to the middle man server and have the middle man server send the text and some basic info of the player to all clients connected.

TL;DR, what's the best way to get info from 1 server, send it to another and have that server send it to an unknown amount of clients and be able to handle any amount of clients connected (although I don't see more than 20-30 connected at once).

Thanks in advance,

I'd probably use something like Twisted if you can afford the size (it is kind of large).

If things are on one network, you could just use a multicast packet to update all clients, that would probably be the cheapest assuming your router will handle it.

Other than that, you could write a threaded server that waits for clients to connect, keeps all of the client connections in a list, that will be iterated over and each sent data when the server recieves it through the master.