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I need to know how to create methods to compare two sets of singly linked lists. The only problem is that I can't put a linkedlist inside the method parameters. Please help

import java.util.*;

public class SLinkedList {
  protected Node head; // head node of the list
  protected Node tail;
  protected int size; // number of nodes in the list
  /** Default constructor that creates an empty list */
  public SLinkedList() {
      head = new Node(null, null); // create a dummy head
      size = 0;
 public boolean(SLinkedList obj){//tells me identifier is expected
      return true;

public boolean(SLinkedList obj)

You have missed the method name here, that why it throws and error as identifier expectd... Give a method name like

public boolean methodName(SLinkedList obj)
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wow that was dumb! haha thanks

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