Can someone point me here any tutorials
or ideas how can I start an event log in my Program? am using msaccess as Database.

Detailed info:
Writes or records who was the last account that logged in the system.

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For the same application multiple users log in? Are u capturing any details of the user in to data base? like user name, login time and log out time?

How will the log be used?
Will it need to be viewed outside of the current machine?
Is it just a log that can be viewed when the current user is off of the current machine?

How does the user log in?
Is it through MS Access forms or your stand-alone application or something else?

@Pgmer - Yes, this is for multiple user logins sir. Which means will be gathering the details of the last user, exactly what you have said.

@Thines01 - I have created a login form along with a database which I made in MS Access. The program has 3 users only. The admin, the treasurer and the auditor. 3 of which has limitations/privilege to the program itself.

As for the viewing still I have no idea but if there is any way that we can view the logs within the application or program itself would be great. Either way, any possible solutions would be appreciated.

Either way, when they log in, you can record their presence in another table (with timestamp). An admin utility can pull that data from the log table.

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