I m a student and i want to make a project in VB.Net but i am really confuse so kindly anyone which have special command in vb.net plz guide me what i do which is better for me..

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Im sorry, but we can't give you ideas.

That's not how the creative process works. You will have to find the ideas on your own, but if you need help with your code..We can help.

We are offer help, not homework solutions.

Find something that interests you, and see if you can come up with a program to make some sort of associated process easier. Alternatively if there is an aspect of your course that interests you that you can create a program around use this.

If you are really stuck ask yourself:

  1. Are you really pursuing the correct area of study? If you have a career as a programmer you will be expected to take / flesh out vague user ideas and turn them into programs
  2. Should you maybe get a hobby or interest? Or get out a bit more and get ideas to use?
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Here's a thought, check the Unanswered posts here. There's always someone there with ideas and no code.

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