Okay, Im not sure how to put this.
So here is my first try, and if it aint clear enough I'll try to explain better.

I have made a few scripts that work perfectly fine, but now my client prefers it to come with a GUI.
My script needs 2 variables [the file to open, and if it is a genbank or fasta file].
I want my GUI to use radiobuttons for the genbank/fasta choice, and this works fine. But I want the file to open with a askopenfilename() and I can't pass the filename on to my other script.

Could anyone explain how to do this?

from Tkinter import *
from tkFileDialog import askopenfilename
import unicodedata

root = Tk();

var = StringVar()
naam = []

root.title('Bio-Inf Toolkit')  

def openfile():
    een = askopenfilename()
    twee = unicodedata.normalize("NFKD",een).encode("ascii","ignore")

def doOne():
    return var.get()

def ClickToRun():
    #print var.get()
    naam2 = ','.join(str(n) for n in naam)
    print naam2
    return naam2

Label(root,text='Bio-Inf \n TOOLKIT').pack(pady=10)
Label(root, text="Klik op de knop om een file te kiezen ").pack(pady=10)
Button(root, text='Choose File', command=openfile) .pack(side=TOP)

Label(root, text="Wat voor een type file is het? ").pack(pady=10)
Radiobutton(root, text="GenBank", value="GenBank", variable=var, command = doOne).pack()
Radiobutton(root, text="Fasta", value="Fasta", variable=var, command = doOne).pack()

Button(root, text='ClickToRun', command=ClickToRun) .pack(side=BOTTOM)


print naam2
print var.get()
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