Hello all. i might have posted about this recently but, i have done much research and refined my research and am close to a solution. I am trying to use the click of a ahref link with a variable tacked on the end, to send a message to one of my servers that i have running on the port 80.

my link looks like this.

<A href="http://localhost/xampp/?This+is+a+test.">Introduction</A>

I know that if i have a php document on my web server that has the $_REQUEST to extract the variable the link would look like the fallowing.

<A href="http://localhost/xampp/?Test=This+is+a+test.">Introduction</A>

I would be like $req = $_REQUEST; im pritty sure, if i remember.

I do not want to have any web document on there though I just want post the variable straight to my server, and then read it from the i stream. I talked to someone about this recently but he said what i wanted to do was possible, but before he answered how he went back to talking about php. One thought i had is that maybe that my computer is blocking the words This+is+a+test from getting to my c++ server. I'm going to try to use a url connection to do this because maybe tunneling will avoid any blockage.

I don't see this being done very often and can't find that keystone of information on this, but i'm close thanks to the help of some. Please give me some tips thanks people.