Hi everyone!
Am new to python, getting grounded in it as fast as i can but now, i have some issues. I use the web2py framework for web development. At the moment, am working on a blog using one of the CMS (named InstantPress) designed in web2py also.

While editing the blog, i needed to upload a new logo i created for the blog but i get an error written: "<type 'exceptions.ImportError'> Requires PIL installed in your system."

This clearly shows that i don't have Python Imaging Library (PIL) The problem now is this, i've installed the PIL but i still get same error, please could there be any other thing wrong and how can i know if my PIL is installed?

Here's a little info on my system to help my helpers:

operating system: Windows 7 64Bit
Interpreter: python 2.7.2 (Windows AMD64 / Intel 64 / X86-64 binary)
framework: web2py version 1.99.4 (stable)

Many Thanks

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The File is very much the same as the one from the python.org website and still have the same issues.

Did yours work when you tried?

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