Does anyone know about LISP Programming

I am trying to make this program where I have 3 types of cars, which are ford bmw merc

ford has focus and fiesta BMW has 1series and 2series and the merc has SK100 and SK200

well basically i am trying to put them in the correct list for example focus will go into ford list and SK100 will go to the merc list

at the moment to store the data i will use defparameter


(defparameter *cars* ' ( focus fiesta 1series 2series SK100 SK200))

so now i want to create a funtion where the cars will go into the correct list

if u have any idea please help

You are right, this is the wrong forum.
DaniWeb does not a have a specific forum for Lisp, but you can try the more general forums

You will reach folks that program more in Lisp at:

A short tutorial can be found at:

My advice is of course learn Python, but that's most likely not your choice to make at this point in time!

Hope that helps!

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