HI every one,

I know this is stupid question. But i am new bie in c++. Can you please tell me.

Question: I have two file a.cpp and b.cpp. i want to give output (some number) of a.cpp to as a input on other file b.cpp. And b.cpp will take this as a input and give ouput according to that. How to do that. Is there any function or api.

THanks in advance

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Why u are not using jst 1 .cpp file using 2 functions named as a() and b().
jst pass the output of function a to function b.


Save the output from a.cpp in a file.
b.cpp reads the file.

thanks you for your reply.
Is there another way. i found some where that we can do that via ipc. but not sure.


But i am new bie in c++.

Based on the above statement you made, the easiest is the file. All others are much more complex and not appropriate for the "new bie"

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