Haven't been around here in a long time but have returned to hear your thoughts and suggestions regarding my problem.

I had been dev'ing projects in VB6 until around 2006 when I stopped all my development. Mainly it was a change in responsibilities but it was also because I had heard that Microsoft was not going to continue support of this dev platform.

Regardless of that I am now interested in building some software and maybe opening up those old projects. The million bit questions is what platform to develop on; VB, VB.NET, or even Visual Basic 2010 Express. I really don't know enough about these option and certainly don't want to head off in the wrong direction. I would also like to take any opportunities that may be available to 'convert' old VB6 projects into VB.net or VB.??? (if possible).

I'm getting a little old to start in a whole new language so I want to stick with VB.whatever as a platform. Most my previous projects involve a DB and Access is just fine for what I'm planning.

So my dear friends, I trust your experience and judgement to help me kick the dust off my brain and jump back into the VB Dev. Please advise, all comments or questions are welcome to the discussion.


What are my VB6 options and is there any future down that road?

Are there any options to 'convert' previous projects to another platform of VB (NET or ???)?

Is Visual Basic 2010 Express worth a look; pros & cons?

There you have it folks, I really appreciate your responses and respect your views.

Get Visual Basic 2010 Express and thank me later for it.:)

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