Hello guys!

I need your expertise i made a problem with data report. My problem is when i first time you entering a data you can show the data you entered when you show in data report. But when add another data it added but when you show the latest data you entered it will not shown in data report. But if you refresh the program or re run the program when you can show now the latest data you entered.

Here's the code:

Private Sub cmdPrintShow_Click()
DataEnvironment1.rsrptother.Filter = "[d] >= #" & Me.Dt3.value & "# And [d] <= #" & Me.Dt4.value & "#"
        With rptothers
            .Sections.Item("Section4").Controls("title").Caption = frmsetting.txtbusname.Text
            .Sections.Item("Section4").Controls("address").Caption = frmsetting.txtbusadd.Text
            .Sections.Item("Section4").Controls("lb").Caption = "As of " & Dt3.value & " to " & Dt4.value & ""
            .Show vbModal
        End With
    Frame3.Visible = False

End Sub