A company transmits data over the telephone, but it's concerned that its phones could be tapped. All its data is transmitted as four-digit integers. The company has asked you to write an application that encrypts its data so that it may be transferred more securely. Encryption is the process of transforming data for security reasons. Your application should read digits entered by the user and encrypt the information. Assume that the user inputs a single digit in each textbox. Use the following technique to encrypt the number:

A) Replace each digit by (the sum of that digit and 7) Mod 10
B) Swap the first digit with the third, and swap the second digit with the fourth.

Please help! I don't know what to write for the programing part. It needs to be written in vb.net, and needs to work with any number combination. I am new at this, and this is my homework assignment... please help I am so confused. Any help is greatly appreciated!