My buddy of mine told me he knows this old guy who used to program anywho he told me it was a very old programming language. He said it started with a D

Cobol is a old one right?

Anywho can you name some old programming languages?

rofl I will see him tonight and ask him which one it was funny stuff man.

thanks for the google link - just skimmed the article on D - no time for cutting edge stuff right now! :-\

He said i might of been Cobol or how ever you say it thanks a lot

Cobol.... yuck :P

LOL! wasnt COBOL 1 of the hot-tickets according to the url u posted on jobs?! ;)

Yes, I think so, but that's because old systems were written in it, and you have no other choice. Newer systems don't use it anymore and many are migrating to newer versions.