Hello everyone,

Is been a while since i've been trying to rename a file
using the ren batch command, but for some reasons is not
working for me. could some one please give me an idea on
how to reanme a file with a batch file?
Thanks in advance.

This is my example:

REN C:\Testing.txt Testing-Renamed.txt
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>> but for some reasons is not working for me

Unable to guess the reasons. Is there ANY output produced when you run this script?

I'm not a batch file expert, but do you REALLY need to use batch file only? If not I highly recommend using something like Cygwin and do the same using a shell script instead.

I also understand that in newer Windows there is something called PowerShell, which is better programmable.


Hi, actually no, i don't get any msg, or anything poiting a reason or error.
All i need is to be able to change the name of any file from a batch file.
by the way, am i posting this thread in the wrong topic? i am new in this site.
another question, does daniweb deals with batch programming?

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