I am finishing up my coding project and I am going nuts trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong. I thought I finished my ISBN checker code properly, but when I finish imputing the ISBN number that is valid, I get "The ISBN number is valid", but I also get "Your ISBN number is not valid. The check number value should be 7". I am getting both responses. I get this each and every time I enter the info. What's going on here. I'm going crazy. haha.

public static void main(String[] args)
		//prepare keyboard reader
		Scanner kbReader = new Scanner(;
		int checkDigitSum = 0;
		//starts loop to read all 9 digits
		for(int i=1; i<=9 ;i++)
			//prompt for input of digit i
			System.out.print("Enter digit" + i + " of ISBN:");
			//reads next digit
			int digit = kbReader.nextInt();
			//this line adds this digit times its order to the cumulative
			checkDigitSum = checkDigitSum + (i * digit);			
		//prompts for the check value
		System.out.print("Enter the check value:");
		//read Check Value and convert to lowercase value
		String checkValue =;
		//compute the calculated check value as remainder of division to 11
		int remainder = checkDigitSum % 11;
		//Convert to string
				String calculatedCheckSumValue = Integer.toString(remainder);
				//if the remainder is greater than 10 the check value is X
			calculatedCheckSumValue = "x";
		//if the value matches it is valid
		if( checkValue.equals( calculatedCheckSumValue)){
			System.out.println("Your ISBN is valid.");
		//if it dosen't match 
		System.out.println("Your ISBN is not valid.The check value should be " + calculatedCheckSumValue);

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The } on line 43 closes the else {, so the print on line 45 is always executed.
If you indent your code properly (use a programmer's editor or simple IDE) then this kind of mistake becomes very obvious.

god, i feel like an idiot. haha. Thanks for the help.

No problem. Please mark this "solved" now.

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