Looking To learn how to send data from a program to a webservers webpage.
More specificly sending the data to <form> tag within a html file.

Trying To Find out how to do this, code examples would be prime.

Also Any Guides on connecting proxies -- who then connect to html (this is just a bonus to me)


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LibCurl is an amazing library when it comes to this stuff. Check it out.

Amazing Libary i must say, been looking through it and i think itll do exactly what i want to do and much much more.

>>For thouse on Fedora Linux And would want to test this lib, but cant get it to work.

>yum install curl curl-devel
>service httpd restart
>yum update

>>To Compile after them commands used:

gcc filename.c -l curl

Their you go for any1 that wants to get this to work.

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