Hello please can anyone help me with microsoft access.

I work as a software support consultant for a medical software company and we have an sql server database with all the bugs etc but the website is awful.

I have made myself a small access database with bugs that i deal with frequently.

I have made several tables :- Bugs, Module, Status, Patch, KDErrors.

The Patch table is purely to hold patch numbers e.g. Now i was thinking that i would like to use this table twice, 1 to show the DetectedPatch number and 2 to show the ResolvedPatch.

I must point out that i haven't used access for years. I have bought a couple of books from amazon but they haven't arrived yet :)

Now in the Bug table i set the BugID, BugNumber,PatchDetectedID, PatchResolvedID, BugName, BugDetails etc. In the Patch table i have PatchID and PatchNumber.

I'm trying to display the patch detected and patch resolved on the same form but am stuggling with the relation between the two tables.

1 patch can resolve many bugs.
1 bug can be detected in many patches.

In the Bug table i tried creating 2 relationships from the DetectedPatchID to the PatchID and the ResolvedPatchID to the PatchID. Alternatively i could put the BugID in the patch table and create one relationship that way.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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One way to accomplish this is to create another table that gives the relationship between bug and patch records. It would hold the respective ID values, that is, which bug was addressed by which patch. An ID value could appear in as many records as needed. You could then start at either the Bug or the Patch table and query for the records in the other by asking for the appropriate ID value from the relationship.

Thank you WayneZ i will look in to this :)

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