Hi all,

i am using vb 6.0 and oracle sql*plus ...........i need the code for ....when the car name is selected in the combo box it's corresponding purchase cost should be displayed in the text box..........and i have connected this to the database through ADODC connection

pls help me ASAP !!

with regards

What have you already tried? Post your code.

As a narrative, you should be putting code in the myComboBox_Click event to get the selected combo box item, then querying your Oracle database with the appropriate selection criteria to find the price you are looking for. Then use that returned value to set the myTextBox.Text value. Voila! Done.

I'm afraid that's the best I can offer, since I don't know your VB6 control names, or your Oracle database table names, or how you've populated your combo box, or the datatypes of your columns, blah, blah, blah. If what I've given you is enough, well then that's great. If not, post some code and maybe you'll get better help.

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