Hi friends,

I am a student of BScIT and I want a project which is to be done in VB.NET language.

I surfed the internet but not found anything new...

So, Is there anyone who can give me good suggestion???

& also help me give some objective i.e. what the project should do???

If you are a student, then you shouldn't just request a project.

You should show a little effor before we can offer to help you.

Now, if you have ideas or code, post them.

We can't do your homework for you.

I am not asking for the full project just for a concept that me & my partenrs will work on & I
don't want help on creating the project, just needed a concept.
I am new to this & not started studying about VB.NET.
Which will be started soon after 2nd April.

We havn't started project yet we first have to submit concept we will work on or before 2 April.
Then after training session of first 10 days project work will start actually.

I talked with my partener recently.
Who said me the project idea should be new not used
Some other people have got ideas:
1) Student Mgmt. System,
2) Library Mgmt. System,
3) Sales Mgmt. System,
4) Banking System,
5) CD Library,
& some more ideas...
I don't know how they will do it

Whatever ideas i got are:
1) Hospital Mgmt. System:-
It contains record of Doctors, Nurses, Patients, available wards, machinary available.
2) Mobile Billing System:-
It keeps record of customers who have paid bills today, days before, Who has due bills, etc.
3) Item Purchase System:-
It keeps record of how many, which, who purchased items today. It adds token points for
registered customers as per their expanses.

There are more ideas will be clicked soon but still this are not chosen by anyone I know
Might be if someone chooses one will be removed.

I haven't talked with my teachers since they are not availble till 2nd April because of exam
schedule. So there is noone to guide me just giving a concept.

What you will need to do is to sit down with your partners and develop a database for the backend.

If you are wanting multiple users at a time, look into MySQL (free) or SQLServer (Free from MSDNAA)
If you are looking for a single user at a time, use Access.

You will need to decide on your project type first, banking systems are the normal test system.

Then you will need to design your tables and entities.

Once you have the database designed and tables layed out, start designing your GUI.

When/If you need help with the GUI or Database, I would be glad to help.

can you tell if Hospital mgmt. system, Item purchase System, Mobile billing System are easy

can you only give me a simple concept (must be fresh and new)
me and my partener will discuss about it

How about scanning different programming forums and charting staticstics on:
1) Assumptions on what's being taught in universities based on content of questions being asked.
2) Assumptions on what are still hot academic languages
3) Assumptions on assignment types ("prime numbers", "calculators", "abc management systems", etc)
4) Assumptions on biggest programming problems facing those who will publicly ask about them.

Of course, you could narrow it down by date range and pick the top forums based on use or membership.
This would require a lot of page parsing for relative and relevant content.

One of the easiest projects for people who are starting anew would be a CD catalog.

You will have to start designing your tables.


Table Name: CDinfo

Column1: prod_name
Data Type: varchar
Field Legnth: 40

Column2: prod_sn
Data Type: varchar
Field Length: 100

Column3: prod_price
Data Type: Numeric(6,2) Four significant figures and two decimal places. 1000.00
Field Length: ~ -2mil > ~ 2mil


Then you will need to think in a business level as to how you want to "loan" or "sell" the cds.

You will need to design a customer table.

If you sell, then you will need a table with metadata like the date of purchase ect...

If you loan, you will need a similar table but modified a bit for the loans.

I hope this helps.

We also have an option to choose doing project in ASP.NET
so we think it is better idea to create a web based project.
So no need to reply anything
We are making an project on Zoo Information Panel.