I am working on a personal project and am trying to figure out if Python 3 or PHP would work better. I prefer Python because I am trying to hone my skills at it and at the same time I really do like its syntax and ease to learn. I really do think that among all the languages I have tried (Perl, Ruby, Python, PHP) I do think Python came to me more naturally.

My project (which I am still working on details for) will basically involve:

  • Scraping a website like nhl.com for stats regarding games/players/etc. Apparently it is impossible to get an api for NHL stats.
  • Update a mysql DB using the data obtained above.
  • Giving this a GUI/Web frontend to view specific information. Win streaks for teams, goals for players over the last X games, etc.

I have already have had some success with the first part. The second part should actually be relatively easy once I figure out the DB structure I want to use.

The last part is what I am mainly wondering about. I am new but fairly comfortable using Python. However, I have not used it at all for any Web related projects. A friend suggested that if I was using PHP a framework like CodeIgniter would work well for the front end. Would it be possible to pull off something similar with a web framework of Python 3? Do you guys have any suggestions?

This will be the biggest project I have taken and will basically help me get more knowledgable with whichever language I chose to go with.

Thank you guys!

Do you have some desing plans about the style of information presented? If it is only table, it is not so difficult to only generate the HTML and use Python for CGI).

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