This is the instructions

Program converts American football plays into scoring points
Touchdown – 6
Extra point after touchdown – 1
Field goal – 3
Touchback – 2
Program reads play-name and uses “if-statement” to decide how many points to award
Program does calculations in a loop to allow more than one play

Score two teams, home and away
Ex: Please enter a play: touchdown
Which team scored: home

Display cumulative score for both teams after each play

Display winner and final score

import java.util.Scanner;

public class football
public static void main(String [] args)
Scanner kbd = new Scanner(;
int score = 0;
String play = "start";
while(! play.equals("end"))
System.out.print("Please enter a play: ");
play =;
if (play.equals("touchdown"))
score = score + 6;
if (play.equals("touchback"))
score = score + 2;
if (play.equals("extrapoint"))
score = score + 1;
if (play.equals("fieldgoal"))
score = score + 3;
System.out.println("Final score is " + score);

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