hi frnds,
i have a window based datagridview with examdate as one the editable datetime column .Now i want user to update or change the date to a fully valid format(dd:mm:yyyy) just on pressing enter key within the datagridview. A popup message must appear when user enter wrong date.
Any help will be highly thnkful.

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The values in datagrid view will be entered manually or thru database ???
please explain in detail...

I have a table A (Article), atable C (Command) and a table D (Details Command) with the following relation A and D , Primary Key in A = IA(Id Article) ForeignKey in D is IA (Id Article) and another relion between C and D , Primary key of C = NC(Numero Command) an Foreign key in D = NC (Numero Command) then the primary key of the table D is Two ForeignKeys ( IA and IC). Also i have 3 datagridview (DG1 , DG2 and DG3), 1 button Add, 1 Button Delete , 1 button Update and 4 button navigation (last, firt, next and previous)
I Would like The datagridview 1 dg1) to load the data of the Master Table C (Table Parent Of The Table D) and the datagridview2 DG2 to load the data of the detail Table D and the the Datagridview 3 ( DG3) to load the data of a query wich load all data of the Three Table as a Detail of Command For Every Article in the Table D.
Also when navigatiig witn the Buttons of navigation DG2 shows the Details For Every selected row in DG1 and DG 3 Shows details for every selected Row in DG2.
When Adding or deleting New Rows Updating en cascade All changes in the Three Datagridview and the three Table A,C and D.
Pardon For The Bad English
If Someone Can help me for all That.

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