So I need help creating a RPG program for my class. Below I posted what is needed...Any help is greatly appericated!!

Unit 13 Graded Programming Assignment - RPG Game

You are to create an RPG for your programming assignment.

This program:
needs to use at least one vector
needs to use at least one algorithm

Allow the player to select their character (3-4) -- you may use the selection below or develop your own characters and weapons.

character warrior , priest, mage , peasant
item sword , staff , book , pitchfork

As game play begins, give the player a game menu:
1) Move, 2)Rest, 3)View Stats, 4)Quit

1) In the Move option, you encounter a random enemy (monster, lizard, bat, dragon, etc -- you can also make up your own enemies)
Display information about the encounter -- who do you encounter, how healthy are they, how accurate are they...

Display information for your next step:
1)Run Away, 2) Attack
1) Run Away returns to the game menu.
2) Attack you will sustain damage and possibly be attacked
Stats will be displayed on both and Run Away/Attack menu will be displayed until you or monster are killed on the attack
display encounter - menu for attack, run away,

2) Rest - gains back health points

3) View stats displays player name, weapon, level, strength, health, XP, points until next XP, etc.

Level 1 kill 3 monsters
Level 2 kill 4 (low chance of dragon)
Level 3 kill dragon and save princess

Maybe you need to solve it first and show the specific problem you need. No one will solve it for you.

Well that's sorta the issue...I don't know where or how to start it.

Start with understanding the whole problem. Next is to write the basic steps on how the program will work sequentially through sentences. Then think of the necessary control statements to use. Like for example, you like the user to choose his/her job class, then you make use of the switch/case control statement. Then when you got the logic, try to program it on paper. Lastly, simulate it with the compiler you are using.

Did you ever get any help with this program? I have the same assignment and was wondering if you could help me with it.

Thank you

Did you ever get any help with this program? I have the same assignment and was wondering if you could help me with it.

Protip: Necroing is not cool.
That said, you should probably just start by studying the anatomy of a game. A simple game has three phases:

  1. Initialisations
  2. Main game loop
  3. Cleaning up

How about you start with the first phase and construct a player class? Maybe even a monster one, it doesn't matter for now. Just code something, and your brain will start working and thinking ahead.. if you get stuck, just post your code and we'll help.