String line = null;
double value;
BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new FileReader("C:\Users\Bilal\Documents\Work\scrambler\input.txt"));

int x=0;
while (line != "end"){

    line = in.readLine();



When I run this.. the loop does not stop when the word end comes.. why???????

Always, always, always use equals() for comparison between the texts of Strings. == is only used for checking if a String is null or not.

String s1 = "Hello!";
String s2 = "Hi!";
//s1 might '==' s2, but !s1.equals(s2).

Hope that makes sense!

Thnaks for your resonse ..

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
at test.main(

im getting this erron now??

nvm.. all is well thax a ton!!

String s1 = "Hello!";
String s2 = "Hi!";
// s1 might '==' s2, but !s1.equals(s2).

No, in that example s1 cannot == s2.
The == tests for s1 referring to exactly the same object as s2, whereas equals tests for two Strings containing the same sequence of letters.
If s1 == s2 then by definition s1.equals(s2) and s2.equals(s1)
But if s1.equals(s2) then it does not imply that s1==s2 because they may refer to two different String objects that just happen to contain identical sequences of letters.

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