provide a set of PC-based tools and utilities to organize historical performance data from an OpenVMS system.
Purpose of System
To capture and maintain a history of variables directly affecting the performance of the VMS production systems. Then provide a graphic interpretation of that data to allow for trending and analysis.
company – requirements.
On a scheduled basis the AOS team will extract pertinent information and create CSV files to be transferred to the PC based analysis system.
my – requirements.
Create a PC based to system to be used on an as needed basis the extracted data to summarize and manipulated the AOS extracted data as required to feed an application capable of creating line graphs.
The parameter file that drives the PC based application must be kept to make the chart re-creatable.
The summarized and manipulated data must all be retained for possible input to a future statistical analysis or trending tool. As the data is summarized the ability to request average, minimal, and maximum values be generated from the data points.
The charts must display on a standard PC monitor and be printable on demand.

so i need help with how to get satrted on this project?
any help is appreciated

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First thing to do would be to analyze the program's requirements and create a design for the program.

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bid obvious, but indeed

make a functional analysis (not just the vague description, but more detailed).
based on that, decide on what objects you need, and what methods you'll require.
choose on IDE/text-editor, and start making the basic objects of your application.
complete the code.


don't hijack threads. these are questions you should rather decide on your own. I can summarize the reasons why, but if you google the java forum, you'll find tons of posts like this, where those reasons are already mentioned.

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