Hello, I am making an application for Android that will save users voice command and then while the application is running; compares the realtime data from the mic input to the one that is saved. So far I have saved the voice in wav file now I want to compare it to the input stream. I have applied FFT using this API as it is compatible with Android:


I dont know much about this api either but, I think the FFT data is stored in FrequencyTimeDomainRepresentation object. I searched on the internet and found out that I have to use a window to compare the data but, I am clueless how to do so.
I don't know how how to compare the data.

Please tell me how to compare the FFT data and how do I match the saved file data with the input stream data, I mean code. Meanwhile I am trying to compare two audio files using java not on android for now.

Any help would be appreciated,