If I highlext text on a website, is there a way for a program to automatically have it copied and pasted into an external program, say Microsoft Word? I would want to highlight text, and then right click and have a program function added to the other functions that show up when I right click on a websit and when I click the program function, it pastes what I copied into a Microsoft Word document I have open. Is something like this possible?

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What kind of functions would this program have, that makes it more conventient to use this program, than to just go Ctrl c + Ctrl + v ?

Basically, what I am asking is, what kind of problem or limitation are you having that you are trying to fix by having a program like this?

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Basically it's an program idea that my friend proposed to me so I don't want to give too many specific details, but the text that would be pasted in a word document would be altered in some way. I'm going to try to figure out one part at a time, so one I know how to make a program that pretty much just does the control c control v function, I'll try to work from there. So yea I know it doesn't seem like it has a purpose, but I would also like to learn how to do something like that as I'm a college student and I'm trying to learn programming. Thanks

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