Hello every one
we want to show a drive contains files and folder
i mean which files in a drive
we use a label1 and we want to my C:\ drive containg files

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How far you doing this? post your code. show some effort first.

Hello jx man
acually we want to show a drive files amount .

ok we tell you what i do ?
we make a pc cleaner software and
acually we use a searchfile.ocx and search files in any directory
but i my problem is it . we use a loading progress bar with him when we click search files then
progressbar is start when searching is complete then progressbar is stop
second thing a label show the estimated time which time to complete the search
that's it

So, how far you write a codes to show files in drive?

we cannot write any code to show files in drive
if you have any code so please give me thanks

Give your effort first. then i (and other members) will help you.

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