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Hmm i really like what applications like Windows Media Player and VLC player can do, and by this i mean: you know when you are watching a movie or listening to music and you minimize the window? Well if you hover the taskbar icon of the minized window with your mouse then you will see the 'preview' window show up... which normally is some far awya screen shot of the entire app, but with windows media player and vlc there are play and skip to next track or skip to previous track buttons.

Soooo my question hw do we do it in java or is a native windows api which can only be done by c#, c++ and the like?

to show you exactly what i mean see below - the orange highlighted icon with its open preview of a video and the buttons i was talking about.

And due to my lack of appropriate jargon my google searches bring up nothing helpful :P so thanks in advance

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