I have a problem im my order form

the user enter the order
he chose the customer name and the product name and they should print in the list box
the user should click on next product so he can enter another product for the custmer
and when he finish the user should click on print invoice button and should show a report which it have all the details about the order

how can I do that

P.S i put the order detail in tab and my project alrady connected to a database

the report form when I put the crystal report viewer i cant change the size so i can put text box or anything so i can search on the report

could you help me with that

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the code it is not work if you can help me with the code give me some Suggestions to do that

thanke you


when i enter the product it not printing in the list box

and when i check it on the report nothing there


I think what thines is trying to say is you will have to post some code so we can look at it.

We can't exactly tell what's going wrong if we can't see your code. :)

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