How do I find the number of USB ports available, and what their references are.
Example there are 6 USB ports on my motherboard what code would I use to find their reference like, port 1 is called 0 and port 2 is called 1.
I want a user to select a designated port and save the selection to a config file so that whenever the user plugs in a removable diskdrive into that specific port a dialogue box will popup asking the user if they want to backup their designated folder (path will also be saved in config file) to that removable diskdrive.
I know how to do everything like copying the folder to the diskdrive and all that I just need a code snippet to find the system reference to the USB ports.

Here is a good reference I used when I did a small project with USB manipulation.

I have not currently found any classes or declarations there that might help but I'll check tonight before I mark as solved.
Thanx for the reply though.

I will do some research to see if I can find some other references for you.

I have a class for RS232 still, but I don't think that will help you any. :P


Or would it....

Does anyone know if RS232 API will work with USB?

They are both "serial" ports.