i just need some advice and suggestions
the program(will be using vb.net & matlab) is about security software for flash drives where the user is required to say something(eg. a password) that will open or explore the device. the thing is when the flash drive is plugged to the usb port the program should pop up, and the access using the Windows explorer should be blocked(or something like that).i have read that autoruns are usually blocked by the anti-virus. and the exe can be portable as long as the computer has .net on it.any thoughts ?


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No guarranties here, but I think you are in the realm where you would need to write this as windows service.

You could use WMI to detect the addition of a USB Drive.

You would then need to have the service take excluse control of the drive. On first glance, this looks like a way to do that.

Then presumably you would prompt the user to speak your password. using .Net speach recognition.

Use may fid this video helpful on allowing the service to interact with the user.


I hope this helps.

thanks! i'll consider these

i'm still new to matlab so i guess this'll take some time

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