I'm deploying a VB.NET application with Inno installer. In the past I've used the one Click installer but now require a setup with more options.

What needs to be included when deploying a VB.NET application (developed in VS 2010). I understand that the .NET Framework needs to be installed on the PC, but what else?

Also, where do you put the DLL's on the PC where the app is installed?



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You can find some explanation, here.

And a walkthrough, here.

Thanks for the help so far.

I'm reading through the MS and NSIS documentation.

The only thing I'm still not sure about is where to put the DLL dependencies.
I know you don't need to register them in .NET but where do I put them so that the application sees them?

Do you need to tell the application where to find the files?


no no. . just but them in the same directory as your application and it will automatically find them.. no need to provide and explicit location..

sandeepparekh9: Brilliant! Thank you!

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