After wrong deletion, my important files on my mac lost. I know little about Mac and data recovery, what should do to get my data back?

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I was doing data recovery today for a client on a macbook pro that has a harddrive that is going bad.

I would recommend you purchase a tool to recover the lost data. There is no guarantee that it is recoverable but usually most deleted files are as long as the contents of the file have not been overwritten.

I would recommend the LiveCD version (linux based) of UFS Explorer. With this tool and an external harddrive or flash drive you should be able to recover your data. The LiveCD will boot and load a full version of Ubuntu Linux off of the CD (without installing or modifying any files on your system). Once booted you can access the built in UFS explorer tool which can scour the partition in question and attempt to recover the deleted files. Once the files are recovered you simply save it to the external drive.

Once this is done you can shut the system down, remove the disc, and return to using your system like normal.

I hope post wasn't too confusing. If this is over your head any computer shop should be able to retreieve this files for you (though it may not be cheap). If you were close to Washington, DC this is a service I perform for clients all the time.


I want to get a free recovery tool. is there any?

You can try a tool like Recuva. I haven't used it in a while. I hope this is able to recover your files.

In the future I would sugesst having a sound backup strategy so you don't have any issues again.

@CoMpUtErGoD20XX, thank you for the knid suggestions. I will backup.

Recovering accidentally deleted files from a Mac OSX hard disk drive is no big deal. All you need is to run a do-it-yourself mac data recovery from Stellar Phoenix that scans your hard drive and volumes for the deleted files. The options like quick recovery and raw recovery would help you perform a scan search that will locate each sector of your hard disk drive for the deleted files. The raw recovery finds the file on the basis of file signature. I would suggest you to download the Stellar phoenix Mac data recovery software and find out by yourself. Initially you can try the demo of the software which is free. And after you are satisfied with the demo you can purchase the software for $99 from Stellar website.

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