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None of the other "can't find mouse" descriptions apply to my problem. After using SnowLeopard on a Mac Mini for 1.5 years, twice now I've found my computer turned off after leaving it on overnight. Ok, that could be a power glitch. No one else touches this computer, so that isn't something to investigate either.
The problem occurred - on two occasions now - when I turned the computer back on -"No mouse connected -.Looking for a wireless mouse or trackpad" Wha? I'm using an Apple mouse connected to my keyboard, just the combination I bought at the Apple Store. One comment on an older thread (tangentially related) noted a possibility of a low-voltage USB port. That was insightful but it probably isn't what' happening here. Other ideas about "try this" that require the keyboard can't help here either because, when this happens, the keyboard is inert until the "un-find-able" is found.
In both cases the way I recovered was by just shutting down the Mac and turning it back on -- but it took 3 or 4 times! An intermittent wiring connection in some cable can't be ruled out. I hope not, because those are hardest to find. So the question arises: Is there anything in the OS that sometimes does but sometimes doesn't like being ignored for hours? And even if so, is there anything in the software that sometimes can but sometimes can't see its own (Apple) drivers? Finally, should I buy an apple wireless mouse for the next time this happens? Any and all insight is very much appreciated. JLF

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