I am using such linked list:

private Class Node
    public int Num1;
    public int Num2;

LinkedList<Node> list = new LnkedList<Node>();

Node n = new Node();
n.Num1 = 10;
n.Num2 = 100;

but now I don't know how to access Num1 and Num2 using my LinkedList. For example, I want to sort my linked list according to Num1 using Collections.sort(?) but I do not know how to specify that.

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If you have a reference to a Node class object you can use that reference to access the public members of the Node class.
There are several versions of the sort() method. Use the one that takes a Comparator that you provide.


Node aRefToNode = new Node();

aRefToNode is a reference to an instance of a Node class object.

will access tthe num1 class member

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yes do what NormR1 saud. for any class you have, for example your Node class, you can acess the data members by placing a "." without quotations after your object or you could always use a get method to return the data depending if your data is private, protected, or public

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