Hi. I am wondering if a log file can be created in a header which is associated with a try-catch block. Below is my stripped down code for the log_header.h and log_test.cpp

Here is log_header.h

using namespace std;

class thrower{
    fstream myfile2;
    void errormessage();

void thrower::errormessage(){
    cout<<"Thrower works\n";
    ///////These are log commnands////////
    myfile2<<"Message 2\n"<<endl;

Here is log_test.cpp


using namespace std;

thrower t;
int main(){

    fstream myfile;

        int y=4;
        if (y<5){
            throw t;
    catch(thrower tt){
        myfile<<"Message \n"<<endl;
    return 0;

If I comment out all of the log_header.h lines that contain "myfile2", then the "myfile" object in the log_test.cpp gets updated and the error message from the errormessage method is printed. It would be more elegant if the log file creation was contained in the header. Please assist.

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