I want to know how to create our own file, such as: (.Docx). If we opened the file in notepad the characters contained in the that's file could not understand, so i would like to know by what method of making the it's file?
Is the file created and use encryption method or what?

Your answers will be greatly appreciated.


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Docx files are created using newer versions of Microsoft Office Word. By adopting new file formats, Microsoft forces users of older versions of Word to upgrade needlessly thereby generating more obscene profits.

But I'm not bitter.

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Thank you, for your answer Jim.

But i would like to know more about creating the file, you can see the picture below, how to create a file like text in the picure?
In VB.Net programming, Is IO.StreamWriter can produce such a text in the picture below? If can, would you like to give me an example? Untitled71



I'd call it evolution, but you call it blackmail to buy their new fancy little something only to get their hands in our money.
I see your point, but then again we've gone from DOS to windows 7 & 8 and it wouldn't be possible unless software kept up with the developments in hardware. Try to imagine how it would feel to start windows 7 64-bit in a 386 with a couple MBs of RAM and floppy disks. Of imagine watching an HD movie from floppy disks (how many floppies would it take for a 2 seconds clip?).

Of course they will ask to be paid for the job they've put into every one of their products, even if it turns out to be crappy like windows ME or Vista.
And don't get me wrong, I'm not a fun of MS or enjoy paying for crappy software and then rushing to download SPs or fixes only to get me into bigger problems (sometimes), but this is not an invention of MS and it's not just MS's way of doing business. Everybody has new versions of their products and we've got to pay for them if we wish to use them.
At least I'll grand them that they take backwards compatibility seriously and don't offer you a new version like they've just invented the wheel. (I can give examples if needed).

And after being completely out of topic, I wondered what the topic was.

@OP: docx and xlsx are zip files. You can open them up like a normal zip and find xml files inside.
Of course you can manipulate and produce xml files with your app and then zip them in a container file and get your own extension.

I know I'm off topic again, but I've got to say that we all know the benefits of xml as a cross-platform format, so it's not useless crap to make us needlessly upgrade.

Thank you for your answer.

The essence of my question is, how to make your own extensions so that the contents of the file that we make it look like the picture below:



** Bazzer **

docx is a proprietary Microsoft format and to create a docx file you run a relatively new (2010 for sure, possibly 2008 but not 2003) version of Word. As far as I know, there is no easy way to create a valid docx file other than by using Microsoft software.

Having said that, Sun created an open document format (a zip file containg xml et al) that Microsoft chose to adopt, then modify so that their version of ODF (docx) was not compatible. Unlike docx, non-Microsoft software (Open Office, for one) can be used to create ODF files. Sun also provides a free plugin for Word that allows the reading and writing of ODF files.

Thank you, for your answer Jim.

I understand.

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