i want to creat crystal report in form of bulk and i want to use one 131 chqrqcter in that and at the end i want to use verticale bar

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Not enough....be more clear and precise....

i m working on banking project i want to display only 131 characters
i want to know how to calculate strings in crystale report.
plz help me

Not sure on Crystal Report, but it you create a parameter and you can use vb.net, send the string through the parameter and you can either padleft or padright.

string.padleft(5,"-") will show "---45"
string.padleft(5,"0") will show "00045"
string.padleft(5,"1") will show "11145"

string.padright(5,"-") will show "45---"
string.padright(5,"0") will show "45000"
string.padright(5,"1") will show "45111"

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